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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dave Emory

Today was a busy day, and it's late, but I'd like to spend a little time on Dave Emory.

I find him fascinating because he's telling a large involved story in which the world is a bad magical place but is still explicable. And most of the time he's consistent: when he starts delving into Proper Nouns it's usually easy to guess whether they're going to be Good Guys or Bad Guys. And it's a story that I find interesting but can't get motivated about. I can't imagine what I'd do (personally) to stop the underground Reich, even if I was totally convinced that it existed and is the prime mover in world history as we know it.

In understanding Emory it's helpful to know what his jargon means. Tonight I'd like to briefly touch on a couple of terms he uses.

Going Native. This is his term particularly for Germans in particular using ethnic groups in large countries to thwart the aims of those countries. The most recent episode of For The Record (527?) refers to Germans using the Kosovars to break up the now-former Yugoslavia. 

Emory talks a lot about connections between the underground Reich and modern Islamic groups. When he refers to Islamofascism he means something different from most people who use the term, because he believes the underground Reich has financial if not familial ties to modern Islamic terrorist groups.

Splendid Blond Beast. Evidently this term goes back to Friedrich Nietzche, but Emory just loves it. Right now I honestly have no idea what he means by it, much less whether his usage is in reference to the book by Christopher Simpson.

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