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Friday, June 6, 2008

Mezudot/Jellyfish (2007)

I think initially we were going to see the Indiana Jones sequel, but decided against it, and then we missed The Silence Before Bach because it started at 4:30 instead of the 5:45 Google said, so we decided to see Jellyfish not least because it features a Filipino woman playing an overseas nurse/maid working in Tel Aviv.

It's fairly typical of foreign art movies: it has unhappy relationships, misunderstandings, visual themes, lots of tight shots. There are several story lines, some of which are tangential to each other, some of which never intersect. There's a poem that sort of ties the whole thing together, and the way the poem is introduced doesn't really work, and in English the poem itself doesn't really work, but other than that the movie really holds together quite nicely, especially given the amount that has to happen in about two hours.

Sorry, no plot summary. Go see it yourself. A big screen isn't strictly necessary: there are no big objects or panoramic shots, and the colors are occasionally vivid but because Tel Aviv is overcast and grey you won't really miss anything if you see this on a small screen.

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