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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cedarville, etc.

I'm currently listening to Justice and Mercy episode 32: Cedarville. It's an interview with Bannerman, author of a weblog that takes up, as best I can tell, the Administration side of a discussion regarding the dismissal of two faculty members at Cedarville University. This caused a sizable ruckus in evangelical circles a few months ago, but as fas as I can tell has died down.

The podcast episode is fascinating: Bannerman's voice has been treated to protect his identity; he doesn't really say anything helpful to an outsider like myself. The interview is of such low quality I'm surprised the folks at CRN.Info bothered to release it.

The cultural shift going on within evangelicalism is a deep, rich story, and I wish I had the time, patience, and perspective to dissect the whole thing. There's a heavy pre-Enlightenment vs. post-Enlightenment angle, questions of whether truth is discovered or received, whether Christianity is a system of thought or a way of life, and of questions of whether one should live a life of fear and hide one's faults or not.

Maybe I'll pick at one or two of these threads someday. Maybe not.

Oh yeah: Bannerman takes his name from a Steve Taylor song (video), as he does for the titles of several of his weblog posts. All of us (myself included) who consider ourselves "Christian, but not one of those Christians" love and/or are nostalgic for Steve Taylor.

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