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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ten habits

Jeremy ZawodnyImage via WikipediaJeremy Zawodny's (see picture) ten habits are making the rounds today. They've five years old, but they bear examination. Here they are:

  1. Bloggers who don't enable comments on their blogs.
  2. Bloggers who rarely produce original content, instead simply aggregating links to other blogs that I already read.
  3. Bloggers who spend more time blogging about blogging than anything else.
  4. Bloggers who (impose their font preferences on others) and don't care.
  5. Bloggers who don't provide any "about me" info on their blog, or pointers to it elsewhere on their site. I like to know more about the people I'm reading.
  6. Bloggers who don't provide a blogroll.
  7. Bloggers who post excuses for not posting. I don't care if you're busy today. If you're not posting, fine. I'll just assume you had other things to do.
  8. Bloggers who react but rarely act. Commenting on what other people say or do is interesting, but I'm annoyed by folks who never seem to have original material. (Yes, this is like #2 but it's not quite the same.)
  9. Bloggers who don't provide obvious RSS links for their blog.
  10. Bloggers who have TrackBack but don't use it.
Here are my results.
  1. Comments are available.
  2. I do occasionally produce original content; this post is not a stellar example. Of the textual tools I'd love to have available plug-ins would be a way to add an original/quoted content ratio figure in line. That along with word count, reading level, FOG index, etc.
  3. Present post excepted, of course.
  4. No clue.
  5. This stuff makes me uncomfortable: I never quite know where the line is. The current URL for this weblog will tell you my name and town I live in. That's probably not enough to get Google to give you my street address, etc.
  6. See "visible from space" list; this is kind of a mess, and I probably need to edit it.
  7. Noted.
  8. Noted.
  9. See the "Subscribe to" at the bottom of the page; only Atom, sorry.
  10. I'd love to Trackback, but I couldn't make sense of this suggestion. Others welcome.
On a related note: I like Zemanta a lot, and hope it gets better over time.

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1 comment:

Sara Z. said...

I don't love lists of rules. Other than the content issues, which I mostly agree with, I could counter each of these things with good reasons for doing the opposite.