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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Larry Sabato/University of Virginia podcast

Burning of The Rotunda, University of Virginia.Image via WikipediaWhile doing housework today I had the latest edition of the University of Virginia podcast playing in the background. Larry Sabato, the University's resident political commentator (I think it's telling that this episode was called "Larry Sabato: More Than The Score"), said some interesting things about the upcoming election and the subsequent Democratic senatorial supermajority, and while he insists that he always votes for someone named Thomas Jefferson he probably tipped his hand about his personal politics when he said that someday the entitlements party will be over and someone will have to pay the bill.

He estimates our current obligations to be on the order of fifty trillion dollars. That's roughly four times the size of the whole economy.

Anyone who talks about these numbers isn't a liberal and certainly isn't progressive. But to be fair, anyone who admits they won't be able to increase spending/lower taxes isn't a politician. And Sabato as much as says so.

All told it makes for brisk if occasionally depressing listening. I highly recommend it.

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