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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

what we're reading today

WWW's Image via WikipediaIt's another embarrassment-of-riches day on and off the World Wide Web today:
  • Hidden Travels of the Atomic Bomb: The New York Times gives capsule summaries of two upcoming books about nuclear proliferation, suggesting that it occurred via technology transfer rather than by flow of information. In case you're wondering, the nuclear club currently stands at nine, possibly ten, members: the Untied States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, China, Israel, India, Pakistan, and possibly North Korea. Read this article quickly, since the Times hasn't yet caught a clue about how to present its content online. The books are The Nuclear Express, by Thomas C. Reed and Danny B. Stillman, and The Bomb: A New History by Stephen M. Younger.
  • What's the standard? A pretty good summary of the ongoing Newsweek/gay marriage flap. I guess I'd have to admit at the moment that the so-called Culture War is no longer a matter of one side using unreasonable rhetoric to describe a disagreement, etc.
  • Rod Dreher takes a break from his vacation to ask why the federal government isn't bailing out the newspaper industry. In addition to taking cheap shots at the Big Three. I have to wonder why Dreher wouldn't see a bailout of e.g. Tribune Co. as a serious compromise of freedom of the press. And I hate to admit it, but I'm starting to wonder in what universe Dreher would be considered conservative.
  • Baseline Scenario. Someone is eventually going to talk sense about the crisis/recession/etc. Maybe it'll be Boone/Johnson/Kwak.
In other news, I bought a handful of shares of Wal-Mart yesterday. Look for WMT to plummet.

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