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Monday, February 22, 2010

Larry Tomczak: Clap Your Hands!

Mary Valle reviews Larry Tomsczak's 1973 autobiography Clap Your Hands! at the KtBlog:
It’s not surprising that later on in life, Larry parted ways with the Magisterium and started his own ministry. Larry’s story makes it clear why Protestantism is truly America’s religion: we don’t want fusty old institutions standing between us and the Lord. We want Jesus, and we want Him now.
and also later:

I could only think that Larry wasn’t going to stay Catholic for long when confronted with the picture of him preaching at Jesus ’73, a midsummer festival in the Pennsylvania countryside. (Note to Hollywood: I would love to write a screenplay about Jesus ’73. Call me!)
There's just not enough attention in the mainstream press (or even among secular or secular-ish weblogs) to this sort of literature at the religious margins. I'm thrilled to see this and want to see more from Mary Valle.

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