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Thursday, November 13, 2008

brain candy today

In this hybrid of an orchard apple with a red-...Image via WikipediaToday's just awash in interesting things to read. These three stand out:

Love-Hate: Why iPod chief Tony Fadell is really leaving Apple

Steve Jobs believes the key to his success is in finding, hiring, retaining, then firing the best talent in the world.

Mark Galli nails the biggest problem facing the American Church today in an article titled The Leadership Cult. It's high time somebody called out "servant leadership" for the double-talk it is.

Today, it is the rare pastor who does not think of himself first and foremost as a leader who must employ leadership skills to lead his people. Gone are the days when pastors thought of themselves as, well, ministers those who "attend to the wants and needs of others" (American Heritage Dictionary).

And finally, from Asia Times, an analysis by someone named David P Goldman of the economic options the Obama Administration will face. Hint: Obama has fewer options than Reagan had.

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