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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

one-car family

New Mexico Rail Runner ExpressImage via WikipediaLocal reporter Stephen Terrell has a good summary of the most recent news on the Rail Runner commuter train connecting Santa Fe with the Albuquerque metro area. The short version is that the first train connecting downtown Santa Fe to Albuquerque will start running in two weeks.

I'd like to point out that the special train containing dignitaries, etc. is wasteful and showy. There's no point in spending taxpayer money to take the outgoing Governor, etc. from Albuquerque to Santa Fe.

I'm concerned that because Governor Bill Richardson is leaving the State to take another position in Washington (he's adding Commerce Secretary to his Washington resume, alongside Congressman, Energy Secretary, and Ambassador to the United Nations) we'll never see stations at Zia and 599, the two stations that would actually help me get to work in the morning. The Rail Runner is not popular outside the part of the state it will serve, and I'm concerned that the new Governor, Diane Denish, won't be able to push through the rest of the funding required to get the project finished, especially if/when there are cost overruns.

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