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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"Pyrrho" connects current recession and Baby Boomers

The baby falling into a hole in Baby BoomerImage via WikipediaRod Dreher (CrunchyCon) over at BeliefNet promoted a comment to a post. It's commenter Pyrrho offering suggestions on how to "ride out" the current recession:

[4] The economy will be in the doldrums just as some long-term demographic problems take hold. In other words, the older boomers will be reaching retirement age during this period. I think we can anticipate a significant cut in retirement benefits, but they will not be entirely eliminated. Most people in their forties with kids (like thee and me) can probably look forward to working until they no longer can do so, followed by moving in with their adult kids. Not the worst fate in the world, that's for sure.

While I dislike economic commentary that describes trends without numbers (never mind calling the recession "deep:" how is that different from calling it "wide?") I'm glad to see someone beginning to connect the dots between the current recession, inflection points in the path of the Baby Boom generation, and entitlement programs.

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