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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fundamentalist wolfboys, the Bill of Rights, and you

Alex Rose writes
If freedom from religion strikes you as anti-democratic, ask yourself which is the greater right — that we be allowed to indoctrinate our children with our own belief system, or that children be equipped with the ability to see the world clearly enough to make their own decisions once they are old enough?
and later

What they come away with is a very inconsistent picture of reality, one in which ghosts and miracles exist alongside natural selection and photosynthesis. Maybe some grown-ups can find ways of squaring the circle without any problem, but kids cannot, and the rift creates air bubbles in their understanding of how the world works.
Rose appears to be suggesting some sort of secular test for voting: if you're too religious, you're a threat to democracy, or some such. He casts Fundamentalists (not sure which ones, or how one qualifies) as "wild boy[s] of Averon" who can't be integrated into civil society. Go figure.

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