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Thursday, February 4, 2010

KKK prayer breakfast?

I'm no fan of the National Prayer Breakfast; I think it's a mechanism for co-opting Christians into American civil religion. So I think there are lots of good reasons to avoid it. I'm not entirely sure why someone would need an alternative like the American Prayer Hour, though; the term "American prayer" just kind of gives me the willies.

American Prayer Hours are slated for six cities tomorrow, including Washington, according to this site. Some of the accusations are just nuts, such as author Frank Schaeffer calling the NPB the "KKK prayer breakfast" here on Huffington Post.
I have real sympathies for Frank Schaeffer and appreciate the alternative view of his father he offered in his book Crazy for God, but I have to wonder: if he's willing to use the term "KKK prayer breakfast," what won't he say?

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