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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

single-issue pro-life voters and their discontents

Image via WikipediaI'm glad to see someone else is saying this. I found it here.

And pro-lifers who see the GOP as the only plausible vehicle for their goals have an obligation to look the party's failures squarely in the face and work to fix them, instead of just doubling down on the case for single-issue pro-life voting.

I wonder if Dreher and Douthat speak for people who aren't Orthodox or Catholic. I suspect the Republican Party considers single-issue pro-life voters a captive constituency, and so sees no reason to deliver anything they actually want, but rather to make a token effort once a term or so (see e.g. partial-birth abortion), with the suggestion that they'd really do something if they just had absolute power. Or whatever.

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Jacob said...

The Republican Party has a lot of "captive constituents" who seem to believe that their agenda will somehow come to fruition some day. They've been waiting for 30 years now.

A better way for these people to attempt to fulfill their political dreams would be to first fight for proportional representation in American politics, then fight for whatever convictions they have. If history is any guide, this is the only way.